• University Psychoeducational Evaluations

  • School-Age Evaluations

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  • Virtual Assessment to alleviate accessibility barriers

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Mark Boertje, Ed.S., NCSP Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Mark is licensed to practice in the state of Ohio and also in the state of Florida through telehealth.

School Psychology Consulting is a private practice started by Mark Boertje. Mark is a nationally certified school psychologist, dually licensed through the Ohio Board of Psychology and the Ohio Department of Education, and he is also registered to practice in Florida. He holds a Master’s degree and an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology. He works within his private practice supporting university students and school age students to help them better understand their educational needs and the supports that they may require to provide them with success in their education.

Mark's collaboration with universities and in the K-12 schools provide a unique perspective to fully understand the supports that are available to a student to help them make progress educationally.

Continuing to learn and stay current with practices and research in educational psychology is important to Mark and it reflects within his work. He has sought out many professional development opportunities to help equip his knowledge in the field of school psychology. Some of which include attending research symposiums in Dyslexia at Harvard Medical School and at Marian University. Taking courses at the Dyslexia Training Institute in conjunction with the University of San Diego along with getting updates on brain research through educational neuroscience conferences. Other focuses for him include ADHD, Executive Functioning Skills, and Anxiety to name a few.


In the university setting, a college student that has a disability, or suspect that they might, cannot receive accommodations unless there is documentation of their specific need by a qualified professional. The psychoeducational evaluation provides a thorough examination on the struggle that the student faces, what accommodations may be appropriate for this, and documents it in a report that can be shared with university disability offices. Mark works specifically with university personnel to ensure that his evaluations provide all of the information that is needed to successfully support the student in their higher education. Appropriate accommodations can provide a student with the right amount of support that will take them through their college career and help them to successfully attain their degree.

Psychoeducational Evaluation for university students are tailored to the specific needs of the individual, but they typically contain assessment in the areas of cognitive abilities, academic skills, social/emotional skills, and overall behaviors. Background history, medical information, and interviews are also a part of this process to ensure that all areas of the student are considered. At the completion of the evaluation, the results are explained through an evaluation results conference and a comprehensive report is provided with the findings for you to keep.

University Psychoeducational Evaluations

boy in black hoodie sitting on chair
boy in black hoodie sitting on chair

Evaluations for school-age students are centered around their needs to ensure that the areas of concern are thoroughly assessed. Direct assessment is utilized to gain these measures, as well as gathering information from parents and teachers to fully understand the whole child. Once all of the data is collected, appropriate recommendations are provided and if applicable, a potential diagnosis. The evaluation results may provide a more clear picture on what is not the problem, and what is the main focus of deficit. This gives parents and students direction on the most appropriate path to take to provide the student with success educationally.

School-Age Evaluations

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Screenings can be conducted to gain measures on concern areas and help to point you in the right direction. A screening cannot give an official diagnosis because they are not comprehensive enough; however, they can be added to a full evaluation if the screening evidence suggests it. Screenings can be conducted in the areas of cognition, academic skills, social/emotional, and behavior. This approach can be helpful when you are just at the beginning of the problem-solving process, trying to figure out what the problem could be and the direction to go.

Virtual Assessment

As the pandemic worked through our country, Mark began his training in how to appropriately administer psychological assessments to students so that they could continue to be helped. Through this process, it quickly became apparent that students could much more efficiently access the educational psychology services that they need through the means of telehealth. Now, the majority of evaluations completed through School Psychology Consulting are virtual. To ensure the reliability with assessing virtually, Mark follows all of the most recent advised protocols and procedures, assessment publisher guidelines, and continues ongoing professional development in regards to telehealth confidentiality and precise measurement standardization. Currently, Mark can evaluate students from school-age through the university level in the state of Ohio and Florida through his licensure.

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Low Wait Times

The goal with School Psychology Consulting is to get you scheduled in a quick and efficient manner...

In today's mental health climate and demands, it is very common for clients to be put on a 6 month wait list for an evaluation to even start. Mark has observed this happen far too often and he has a passion to get students the help that they need now rather than down the road. Mark's typical turn around time from beginning to end typically only takes 2-5 weeks rather than months. Time is of the essence, and your needs should not wait. Mark will work with you on a reasonable time that will work with the needs going on for you or your student.


Insurance & Pricing

Psychoeducational evaluations can sometimes be covered by your insurance policy partially or fully, depending on your particular plan. School Psychology Consulting is happy to provide you with what is known as a "superbill", which is what insurance companies require to provide reimbursement to you. Every insurance plan is different, so you are strongly encouraged to check your individual covereage first if you are planning on using insurance. Either way, the cost of services is due from the client at the end of the evaluation. Methods of payment accepted include check, cash, health savings account (HSA), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

The cost of an evaluation can get expensive; however, Mark keeps his pricing lower than most evaluators because everyone deserves to get the answers they need to be successful in their education moving forward. Screenings start around $150 and full evaluations start around $600 and go up from there depending on the areas of concern.